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Kevin R. Binning, Ph. D.


"If you want truly to understand something, try to change it."
- Kurt Lewin


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March 2014


As of August 2014, I will be taking a position as Assistant Professor in the Department of Psychology and Research Scientist in the Learning Research and Development Center at the University of Pittsburgh.

ill_1 I received my Ph.D. in Social Psychology, with a minor in Quantitative Psychology, from UCLA in 2008, followed by post-doctoral training at Stanford University and UC Santa Barbara. More recently, I completed a two-year contract as a Senior Researcher and Statistician at UCLA/CRESST, and I am currently a Visiting Scholar in the Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences at UC Santa Barbara.

Most of my research seeks to understand social psychological problems in two topical areas: politics and education. I am especially interested in issues such as educational achievement, partisanship, and organizational engagement, and I explore how people's behavior in these domains is shaped, in part, by their subjective understandings of themselves and their social environment. My research aims to understand social behavior with an eye toward strategies to change behavior in socially constructive ways.